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Welcome to the website of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC). As our name implies, we are evangelical; we have a love and passion for Christ and celebrate what He has accomplished for us at the Cross. We are a Presbyterian family of churches; spiritually mature elders connected together locally, regionally, and nationally is a biblical way to organize ourselves. We also are a confessional family of churches, embracing the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms. Our "Essentials of the Faith" is taken from the Westminster Confession. Finally, we are committed to becoming a missional family of churches as we refocus our mission and reach out to serve others for Christ in the 21st century.

A big part of that refocus is our belief that God is calling the EPC to a new season of growth as a denomination in 2017 and beyond—a transition we have been calling “Transfer to Transformation.” As part of that shift, we identified four priorities on which to focus our ministry efforts:

  1. Promote and resource church planting
  2. Promote and resource church revitalization
  3. Create a structure suitable for a global movement
  4. Create a leadership development culture.

As we continue to identify the most effective ways to achieve these goals, we stand firm in our commitment to the Presbyterian system of "connection" as it's described in the Bible. Through Jesus Christ, we are connected to one another in His body, the church. Yet one of our challenges is our ability to stay connected to each another in a meaningful way. In our presbytery and General Assembly meetings, we're committed to getting better connected. This website is another attempt to build the connection we believe Christ richly desires for us. I hope you will find it to be a rich source of valuable information and enhanced communication.

This is certainly an historic and exciting time in the life of the EPC, as the Lord is opening once-in-a-lifetime doors of opportunity to proclaim the grace and glory of our Savior.

He is risen!

Dr. Jeffrey J. Jeremiah
Stated Clerk

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