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EPC Student Ministries exists to serve those who are called by God to reach and disciple junior and senior high students through the local church and beyond. Our desire is to have an ongoing dialogue with those we serve in order to effectively support and provide for actual needs. We hope to serve in three ways: Equip, Provide, and Connect.



The focus of EQUIP is on people and leadership development. Specifically, we seek to respond to the leadership development needs of local youth workers, churches, and presbyteries as they pursue God’s direction in ministry to junior and senior high students. Our goal is to connect with all EPC youth workers (full-time and part-time, whether paid or volunteer) to discover how we can help them and their teams get the ongoing training and support that they need on the front lines of ministry.



We seek to PROVIDE needed opportunities and resources. Our goal is to work with youth workers, churches, and presbyteries toward the vision, goals, and programs God has given them to accomplish by providing support, opportunities, and resources in response to expressed youth ministry needs.



CONNECT is a place to gather and collaborate. We hope to create an environment that inspires EPC youth ministry leaders (full-time and part-time, whether staff or volunteer) to connect and collaborate based on shared goals, vision, and relationships. Connect also is a place for encouragement and prayer support. Our desire is to hear and learn from youth leaders, churches, and presbyteries so we can respond by supporting them in their calling to missional student ministry.

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