Biblical Interviewing Skills

Ken Jones developed this audio series to train pastoral search committees with Bible-based, professionally tested interviewing skills to properly screen applicants for service within the church. This material also is applicable to any church committee that is selecting applicants for various positions within the local church.

This training has been approved by the EPC Ministerial Vocation Committee and is recommended for both search committees and applicants. At the time this series was developed, Jones served as pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church in Franklin, N.C.



Click here to download a printable outline for the audio series.

Click here to download the entire audio series in mp3 format (this file is large: 37MB).



Click on an individual title to access the audio file in mp3 format. You will be able to listen directly from your browser through a variety of applications supported by GoogleDrive, or download the file(s) to your computer.

1. Biblical Interviewing Skills to Evaluate Applicant’s Integrity
Length: Approximately 17:00

2. The Master Interviewer is Jesus our Lord
Length: Approximately 17:00

3. Bible-based, Professionally Tested Applicant Screening System
Length: Approximately 21:00



4. Selecting the Appropriate Questions
Length: Approximately 16:00

5. Setting the Stage for Truth-telling and Serving the Needs of the Applicant in Christian Love
Length: Approximately 9:00

6. Sequential Interviewing Skills
Length: Approximately 18:00

7. Systematic Review and Verification of Applicant’s Statements
Length: Approximately 42:00

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