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The EPC provides a variety of leadership training materials. These are available at a nominal cost (plus a small shipping and handling charge) and can be ordered from the Resources page.

Leadership Training Guide

Leadership Training Guide
A 185-page spiral-bound resource for pastors, elders, and church leaders developed by the EPC Theology and Christian Education committees and designed for church officer training and other leadership training contexts.

Baptism by Francis Schaeffer

Baptism by Francis Schaeffer
In this 16-page booklet, renowned theologian Francis Schaeffer addresses Reformed perspectives regarding immersion, covenant, the sign of baptism, baptism in church history, and Baptistic perspectives in regards to each.

What Is the Reformed Faith?

What Is the Reformed Faith? by John R. de Witt
In this 24-page booklet, de Witt explains the great hallmarks of the Reformed faith: the centrality of the Bible; the sovereignty of God; the wonder of grace; the quality of the Christian life; the place of the law and the gospel; the biblical view of the world; and the importance of true preaching.

What Christians Should Know About Infant Baptism

What Parents Should Know About Infant Baptism by John P. Sartelle
In this 28-page booklet, the author shows why the children of believers are special in God's sight and what it means for them to be baptized. J.I. Packer calls this booklet "far and away the best study of its kind."




Concepts of Recovery: The Journey

Concepts of Recovery: The Journey Collection
A curriculum with Facilitator's Guide and DVDs that provide an overview of the importance of abortion recovery and how to begin leading small groups within the church. This is an excellent resource for pastors and professional or peer counselors to bring about an awareness to this unreached mission field.

National Coalition of Ministries to Men

National Coalition of Ministries to Men
The National Coalition of Ministries to Men (NCMM) exists to advance the leadership of men into disciples of Christ and spread the good news of Jesus Christ to all men in America and ultimately around the world.

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