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The following resources have been brought to the attention of the CE&C Committee, which has reviewed them and approved for inclusion here. If you would like other Family Ministry or Children's Ministry materials reviewed, please contact us. The quick links below will take you to the appropriate section.

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Family Time
Family Time materials from FamiliesAlive® are designed to help families have a consistent and meaningful time together studying God's word and worshiping the Lord. Developed by a pastor and two schoolteachers.

Red Card

Red Card Kids
Written by EPC World Outreach global worker Tami Snowden, Red Card: Standing Against Oppression, Providing Hope is an 8-week family-oriented curriculum on children at risk that equips families to intercede and take action on behalf of the 1.2 billion children at risk around the world. This curriculum tastefully addresses tough issues such as poverty, orphans, street kids, child laborers, children of war, and HIV/AIDS. Lessons include videos, simulations, family processing time, prayer, at-home activities, and practical steps for involvement. Scripture is woven through each lesson and helps participants gain a biblical perspective on God's heart for children at risk and our mandate to respond.

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Children's Catechism

Children's Catechism: A Parent's Resource for Scripture Memorization
The Children’s Catechism is a tough, durable workbook for memorizing 150 of the most important passages in Scripture. Some verses are as short as a few words; other verses will take some work. All 150 are categorized into theological subheadings such as Jesus Christ, the Sacraments, Salvation, Heaven, etc. Included in the book are stickers that go with each question, color-coded to coincide with the sections. Whenever a child memorizes a verse, he or she gets to take a sticker from the back and put it on the space provided, demonstrating that the verse has been committed to memory. Produced by and available from Faith Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Brooksville, Fla. 

Children Desiring God

Children Desiring God
Children Desiring God exists to equip the body of Christ to spread to the next generations a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples through Jesus Christ. Our aim is to impart to children a vision of God, who He is, and who we are in relation to Him, and to establish them with a foundation of doctrine and truth. We want them biblically grounded, seeing God as the hero of every story, with a God-centered world view and a faith that will hold them when the days of testing come.


Discipleland provides biblical resources that can help transform children into dynamic disciples of Jesus Christ—kids who know God intimately, love Him passionately, and serve Him selflessly.

International Network of Children's Ministry

International Network of Children's Ministry
The mission of INCM is to trasin, motivate, encourage, network, and resource Christian leaders who minister to children.

Pioneer Clubs

Pioneer Clubs
Pioneer Clubs' Pioneering, Exploring (large group), and Discovery (small church/small group) programs contain application-oriented inductive Bible study, Scripture memory, life skills development, and an emphasis on discipleship and outreach. Follow Pioneer Clubs on Facebook and subscribe to Pioneer Clubs Leadership eNewsletter with tips, insights, and encouragement for your children's ministry. An EPC recommended resource.

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Faith Alive Christian Resources

Faith Alive Christian Resources
The publishing ministry of the Christian Reformed Church and Reformed Church in America, Faith Alive publishes materials for Sunday School and other children's minstries, student ministry, adults and small groups, prayer and evangelism, church leadership, worship, and disability ministry.

Great Commission Publications

Great Commission Publications
GCP is a ministry of the Committee on Christian Education of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and the Committee on Discipleship Ministries of the Presbyterian Church in America, and stands on the Scriptures as the only infallible rule of faith and practice. GCP theology is based on the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms.


Reformation Press
Based on David C. Cook's "Bible in Life" curriculum, Reformation Press features comprehensive Scripture teaching supplemented with coverage of the essential tenets of the Reformed faith.



Children's Ministry International

Children's Ministries International
CMI produces a comprehensive 4-6 year curriculum that guarantees that the child knows the basic doctrines of the historical Christian church. CMI also conducts teacher training and Covenant Life Conferences for churches.


Kids' Quest! Catechism Club
Available for both preschool and elementary-age children, Kids' Quest! Catechism Club uses accounts from the Bible of God's work in the world to help children understand God's character and abstract theological truths. A ministry of Great Commission Publications and based on First Catechism, an updated version of the original Catechism for Young Children.



Bible In Life

Bible in Life
David C. Cook's most widely used curriculum, Bible in Life focuses on four basic goals: connect, teach, apply, and motivate. No matter where students are in their walk with Jesus, Bible in Life communicates the gospel with life-changing clarity and motivates them toward life application.

Gospel Light Publishers

Gospel Light Publications
Gospel Light provides tools and curriculum built to delight the teacher, volunteer, and children with one purpose: to disciple children into whole-hearted followers of Jesus.


Scripture Press
Scripture Press curriculum is designed to help students understand and grow in the knowledge of God's Word, and features conservative theology and doctrine, three-step lesson plan, dual translation (NIV/KJV for age 2 through high school, and choice of NIV or KJV for adults).



2012 EPC Children's Ministry Curriculum Survey

EPC Children's Ministry Curriculum Survey
Results of a 2012 survey in which EPC Children's Ministry leaders were asked demographic and curriculum information about nursery, preschool/kindergarten, elementary, and Vacation Bible School programs.

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Raising Respectful Children in an Disrespectful World

Raising Respecful Children in a Disrespectul World
Are you focusing on your kids' self-esteem or their self-respect? In this 224-page book, Jill Rigby explores three different styles of parenting—parent-, child-, and character-centered—and shares age-appropriate ways to set boundaries without building walls of separation. She draws distinctions between performance and purpose and discipline and punishment, and encourages you to prioritize your kids' character rather than their comfort. 

Raising Unselfish Children in a Self-Absorbed World

Raising Unselfish Children in a Self-Absorbed World
After decades of experimenting with child-focused parenting, parents are beginning to realize that the result is often self-centered children who tend toward egotism, selfishness, and mediocrity. Child expert Jill Rigby reveals the dangers of the self-esteem parenting philosophy, and challenges parents to teach their children to be unselfish givers instead. With her encouraging approach, Rigby helps parents realize it's never too late to change their children's point of view and equip them to interact with kindness and respect in a world outside themselves.

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CPC Conference

CPC (International Network of Children’s Ministry)
CPC is the premier conference that focuses exclusively on children's ministry. You will spend four life-changing days with experts in children's ministry. You will hear quality speakers and performers throughout the conference while interacting with leaders who share your focus and passion.

Children's Pastor Conference "CPC17": Orlando, Fla.
January 24-26, 2017

Children Desiring God IMPACT Conference

IMPACT: The Next Generation (Children Desiring God)
IMPACT: The Next Generation is a series of regional conferences throughout the United States and Canada designed to spread the biblical vision for God-centered discipleship of children and youth. IMPACT will provide a unique opportunity for parents, pastors, ministry teams, teachers and youth leaders to be encouraged and equipped for ministry. Most importantly, Children Desiring God wants to proclaim a biblical vision for the next generation in order to equip church and home for the God-given responsibility to nurture the faith of children and youth.

The Orange Conference

The Orange Conference
The Orange Conference is a place for your entire age-group ministry to come together to experience something for several days that will affect how you work together, play together, budget together, serve together, and lead together for the next 52 weeks.

April 26-28, 2017

Group KidMin Conference

Group KidMin Conference
Times of refreshing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re completely dry or your spirit overflows; we all need to sit at the feet of Jesus. We need to soak in the camaraderie of like-minded peers. We need to receive world-class equipping. And sometimes we need to just be. To rest. To recharge. That’s what happens at KidMin. We get out of the way and let God meet you where you most need him. Come find out what God has in store for you!

September 22-24, 2017

If you know of appropriate and relevant national or regional conferences that you would like to see included, please contact us.

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