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The National Christian Foundation (NCF) has unsurpassed expertise with many types of tax-wise charitable giving instruments. These include:

    • Giving Fund is a donor-advised fund that provide a flexible way to pass money through a foundation to favorite ministries. Donors enjoy administrative convenience, cost savings, and tax advantages.
    • Legacy Fund is an enhanced type of Giving Fund in which NCF assumes greater responsibility to ensure that your giving intent and granting desires are carried out faithfully, either during or after your lifetime.

Asset-based giving means donating non-cash assets in order to give more to ministry and pay less in taxes.

    • Donate appreciated securities (stocks, bonds, or mutual funds) to the EPC Foundation; then NCF liquidates the asset and puts the net proceeds into your designated fund.
    • Give real estate before the sale (instead of writing checks to charity) in order to improve cash flow, reduce or eliminate capital gains taxes, and send more to your favorite causes.
    • Business interests. Donate a non-voting interest in your ongoing business to receive a substantial tax deduction and still maintain management oversight of the company. Or, before selling a business, donate a non-voting interest in your business to the Foundation to receive a substantial tax deduction, reduce or eliminate capital gains taxes on the gifted interest, and convert those tax dollars into more giving to your favorite ministries.
  • Charitable gift annuity. You make the gift to the Foundation (part of which is tax-deductible) and then you receive fixed annuity payments each year for the remainder of your life.
  • A Charitable trust helps you balance two interests—charitable giving and income for you or your heirs. With a charitable lead trust, money is paid first to a charity for a specified amount of time. At the end of the trust period, the balance of the trust goes to a designated beneficiary, typically the family of the trust creator. A charitable remainder trust reverses that order, paying a beneficiary first.
  • Testamentary gifts and gifts from trusts allow you to reduce your estate’s tax burden upon your death, while also ensuring that your giving goals and objectives are carried out after you are gone.



You can help the EPC raise $40 million (if 5 percent of high-net-worth EPC members give 5 percent of their net worth) to further God's work in and through the EPC.

  • Anyone—individuals, asset owners, churches—can designate gifts to EPC Strategic Vision Funds:
    • EPC Transition Fund
    • Multiplication Fund (Church Planting)
    • Transformation Fund (Church Revitalization)
    • Global Movement Fund
    • Leadership Development Fund
  • The Foundation Board manages these funds and decides how and when to put these resources to work for each purpose.
  • For assistance or additional information, contact Bob Welsh at epcfoundation@epc.org or 509-679-3951.

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