Attention Church Leaders

You have a special role in helping your church advance its vision and mission through innovative giving, as well as helping your members experience the joy of transformational giving.



Open a Single Charity Fund (free foundation-like tool for your church)

    • Donors can contribute to the Fund online
    • Donors can contribute with gifts such as stocks, mutual funds, and other non-cash assets.
    • NCF liquidates the assets and handles all the administration of the Fund.
    • Church goes online to request grants from the Fund to your ministry to support your work.

Set up iDonate on your church’s website for non-cash giving.

    • Non-cash giving represents a huge untapped source of your members’ assets. Only about 10 percent of your members’ total assets are found in cash or checking accounts. Probably 95 percent of your annual church receipts come from these liquid assets.
    • Donors can give non-cash gifts—a car, stock, old mobile phones, and much more—on your church’s website, and it's as easy for them as giving cash.



Use EPC-commended resources:

    • Crown Financial Ministries equips servant leaders to live by God’s design for their finances, work, and life … to advance transformation.
    • Generous Church helps you release generosity in your church. Their resources help expand the impact of your leaders, change your money conversation, and grow the giving capacity of your people.
    • Generous Giving utilizes retreats, conferences and stories of radical generosity to spread the biblical message of generosity among those entrusted with much.

Educate yourself about the EPC Foundation and NCF.

Promote the EPC Foundation and EPC vision to members.

Sponsor a seminar conducted by NCF.

Refer potential donors to the Foundation.

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